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About Me

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Online Travel Website for Young Professionals

Online Travel Guide helps you plan your vacation and find discount Nearby Hotels.  I love to travel and get cheap hotels

I grew up very poor never going on vacation.  When I was first able travel, I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to continue traveling, but lacked the income to do so.  Now I own a travel agency.  

Tragically, I had a bad stroke at work when i was 37 years old and was in the hospital for months unable to even talk to anybody.  

I had suffered 4 brain aneurysms in the process. When I returned home, i was behind in my bills and the bank foreclosed on my home. 


I found myself homeless living in a horrible motel provided by the county for homeless people.  

Luckily, I still had one thing that the bank could not take away from me, my mind and a willingness to learn and succeed and better myself every day.  

I worked really hard and was able to gain the ability to speak again after all this time.  I decided to turn my unfortunate situation into a blessing.  I decided to make this website and a travel blog comparing different hotels and giving discount coupons to people like you.  

My reviews are all 100% real and I am not compensated by any of them for any reviews.  Feel free to look around and enjoy the information.  

If you would like to help me out with my cause, please tell a friend or relative about it so together we can help provide information and discounts to other young professionals like you.  Thank you for stopping by and don't hesitate to reach out to me by social media or email.


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How I Got Started Reviewing Hotels

I was bitten with the travel bug when I was 7 years old. My parents took me and my siblings camping and sightseeing that summer and I was hooked. Since then, I've been to over 10 countries and I plan on more!

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Top Travel Destinations

My favorite place to visit so far has been Alaska. I absolutely loved the colors and architecture in the beautiful clean air of skagway and juneau. I hope I get to go back soon!

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